It’s possible to do the order only sending the file and paying online. You’ll receive the order confirmation in an e-mail with the product delivery date.

The order will be managed by LeAli only if the received file is in one of the form that follow:

Input – Gerber 274D

Input – Gerber 274X

Input – IPC D-356A

Input – Autocad DXF

Input – Barco DPF

Input – ODB++ XML

Input – HPGL I & II

Input – Mentor Netlist

Input – Excellon I & II Drill & Rout

On the contrary you’ll received by e-mail the communication that the order is provisionally suspended until the delivery of the requested file form. In this case, the delivery time will start from the day of the delivery of the correct file.

If the customer is not able to send the requested file, he is attended to communicate it to LeAli by e-mail. LeAli together with the customer will take account of the possibility of fulfilment and update of the sale price.

In this case the delivery date will be calculated following the time requested to the fulfilment of a new File Gerber compatible with the production.

The delivery days will be calculated in workdays based on the day of the order, the payment and the dispatch of the File Gerber that must be before 10 am, on the contrary the calculation will be based on the next day.

If during the production there are some problems, LeAli will contact the client offering the best solution.

If LeAli doesn’t receive any customer answer, the order will be temporally suspended.

In this case the customer can answer with an e-mail, and the delivery time will be calculated from the delivery of this e-mail.

Delivery Clarification: 10 days Option

By choosing this option, the PCBs will be delivered in 12/15 workdays.


Products Shipment procedures:

All the managed order will be sent to the customer by the free port procedure.

The shipping fees will be specified during the order.

The Courier will deliver in 24/48H if the address is right and there is the merchandise reclaim staff.

On the contrary the customer can appeal to LeAli in order to have more information and he can directly contact the Courier.

If the customer needs the held for pick-up service, he has to specify it in the box “Notes” during the order.

In case of loss or damage of the merchandise, verified by our Courier, the merchandise will be free reproduced after 48 H.

If the customer notices some damages of the package that compromise the use of the product, he has to communicate it to LeAli and to the Courier with a written document with some attached photos.


Product Warranty:

All LeAli PCBs are guaranteed for a maximum of 6 months from the shipment date if the merchandise is rightly stocked and sealed.

If the PCB flaw can be attributed to the PCB itself, LeAli will reproduce the flawed PCBs without taking charge of the component, the assembly, or other customer’s expenses.


Product Invoicing:

All the products sold by LeAli will be properly invoice to the customer (private or society) by Esseti srl, Via del Lavoro 90, 40050 Argelato, Bologna (Italy) VAT number: 00526061205 – R.E.A. 232297


Payment conditions:

The customer is supposed to pay in advance through credit card using the service of security payment “Cartasì”, it’s possible to pay also through bank transfer or PayPal.

All the information of the customer’s credit card will not be visible to LeAli that authorizes the payment management to “Cartasì”. At the moment it’s not possible to pay cash on delivery.


Bank transfer information:

PAYEE: Alberto Zanella

ADDRESS : Via due ponti 15 Argelato 40050 , Bologna (Italy)



IBAN: IT 19 D088 8336 7400 3200 0322 021



All the products sold by the service PCB LeAli Shop are homologated and certificated by Esseti srl, Via del Lavoro 90, 40050 Argelato, Bologna (Italy) VAT number 00526061205 – R.E.A. 232297.

LeAli doesn’t consider the termination of the contract.

At the moment of the delivery of the order confirmation will not be possible to annul the order.

If the products will be refused or sent back, LeAli doesn’t recognize any credit or transportation costs.

This regulation/agreement is submitted and signed on behalf PCB LeAli Shop by:

Esseti srl, Via del Lavoro 90, 40050 Argelato, Bologna (Italy) VAT number 00526061205 – R.E.A. 232297

and on behlaf of the Customer by the person placing the order.


The society or customer personal details will be handle by LeAli following the privacy legislation in force.

LeAli will not divulge the content of the files sent for the production of the PCBs.

Any controversy falls within the jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna (Italy).

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