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In a globalized world that is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the innovations in the fields of the transport and in that of the communication, the “time” factor plays now a role of capital importance for companies in the management of the Business (short time to manage orders, a need to have PCB Fast Deliveries). Moreover, the recent economic crisis has sometimes significantly reduced the available budget of companies and now a vital necessity for those working in the field of Electronics is to have a High Quality in exchange for a Low Cost.

Computer CPU

PCB LeAli” is able to guarantee PCB fast delivery, high quality printed circuit boards at affordable prices, while offering at the same time excellent quality of materials, and the chance to order PCBs online, instantly, with no need to register on the site.




All those who work in the field of PCB know how important is the design process, with the risk that even the smallest mistakes compel customers to place new orders. Precisely for this reason “PCB LeAli” includes in its bid a careful analysis of gerber files and a service of PCB samples at low costs to help electronics designers and assemblers.

Using a credit card. Online shopping.

With “PCB loyal Shop ” you can fly to the accomplishment with the reliability of a loyal partner. 


Do you want Mass Production? Please contact Esseti Circuiti Stampati.

Esseti printed circuit boards

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